Bio-Receptive Calcareous Composites

Yuxin Jiang, Xinhe Lin, Zhili Wang, Qungyue Zeng

calcareous-composites-1 calcerous-composites-2


The project aims to create a bio-fabrication system that utilises Magnesium Phosphate Cement-based concrete to potentiate bioreceptivity on the outer surface of the building. The network derives from:

  1. rigorous material testing of variable porosity and aggregate size;
  2. environmental considerations based on the essence of lichen biology with a focus on solar radiation analysis;
  3. geometric and surface conditions that were generated according yo innovative casting techniques.



unspecifiedA variety of prototypes were constructed to explore how a multi-layered casting system with different particle sizes could control water transport and retention in the components.


Rendered image of pavilion located in the Marshlands of London.